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Hey, it's enough to make me stall my plans for a 1LE purchase by a few months to see what develops. It will give me a few months breathing space after paying off my LS, to go without a car payment for a while, save money, and see what may happen. No sense paying off one Camaro, only to go directly into a note on a second one just yet. I can stall a bit, as a second Camaro is a want, and not a need at this point in time.

I would much rather wait a bit and see what is going to happen. Can you imagine this scenario? "Ford announces new Mustang redesign for 2014" followed by "A Chevrolet icon returns in 2014, the long awaited Z28." Well, I'd almost not even care about the "New Mustang" news at that point, would you?

Ford already blew its current generation load, to put it bluntly, with the 2013 Boss 302 and 2013 Shelby GT500 model series finales. Starting a new line of Mustangs, they will want to hold back a bit to trickle out the best upgrades and models until a year or two down the line. But the 5th gen will be in its final year or two, and Chevy is bound to pull out all the stops with it to combat the introduction of the new Mustang.

Here's hoping the 5th gen will go out with a bang, with announcements of models that will steal the show. AKA the Z28 (and maybe some last model year tweaks to ZL1 too.)
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