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Originally Posted by Sweet Zness View Post
LoL at not understanding that in real world applications the ZL1's "advanced brembo braking system"; with six piston rears and 4 piston fronts, as compared to the G8's very basic setup and a heavier car still wont stop you on the street any better in an emergency braking situation.

Also you claim I used a magazine, as some sort of backhanded diss to discredit me as if I was some bench mag racer. Look at my avatar and you'd note that I own a SS and a G8. Of which the G8 stops better.

You stated better than any other car in the world, I gave you proof otherwise.

I didn't even get into other cars that would no doubt do it better, even in track conditions.

I think maybe it was you that started with the wise cracks with the Kool Aid drinking. You could carry your same argument about everything on the ZL1 as well as the G8 and the SS for that matter. You don't need any of it on the street. If you are talking about basic transportation than we don't need 200, 300 or 580 HP.

The ZL1 was engineered and designed as a track car. You have to be consistent and repeatable lap after lap. I'll meet you at Watkins Glen with your G8 and we'll see if the Brembo's make a difference.

That is the point you are missing I think.
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