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2+ years after CF1....

Originally Posted by GMteSSted View Post
Great to hear other youngsters were impressed. I too brought my 15 year old son. When I got home from work on Monday he said "hey dad, I've been online, I found the halo lights we need and you better buy the supercharger, the price that guy quoted you was really good!" I hope he does develope the passion. I also hope I have the courage to buy him his own Camaro next year and can afford the insurance. It wont be a '10, but it will be a "camaro".

Thought I might revive this old thread and update forward and my son is now 17. Every since CF2 was held in AZ he has hoped, and prayed, CF3 would be close enough for us to attend. When he found out it was Indy I got an immediate phone call from him to start booking rooms. Nothing less than the host hotel for him! I decided a long time ago that his birthday present was to be at CF3 since the event is the day after his birthday. I'm not sure he believed it when he read the card "you are driving my Camaro at CF3". And yes, I did buy the supercharger we both wanted two years prior at CF1. He also did catch the permagrin fever when he bought his first car, a 2001 V6 Camaro, when he turned 16.
Not only did he drive at CF3 on the drag strip, he turned an 11.8 with a .011 reaction. So far, the quickest time the car has run. He got 6 total passes and loved everyone of them. Watching him mature from a very scared first timer on his first pass to a fully confident driver on the last pass was very cool for a father to witness. The best feeling from CF3 for me was the joy, and pride, I felt when my son was doing burnouts and driving as hard as he could. The car has brought many good times and many new friends into my life. Watching him and seeing his joy is certainly the best excitement I've received from owning the car! But the best of all, the greatest thing the Camaro has provided, over the past 3 years, is the incredible relationship I have with my teenage son, my best friend. Attending CF1 and CF3 will be unforgettable events for us both. Thanks Camaro5!!!

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