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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Well, ... I don't know who's going to be selling as a set of rims and or rims and tires. Basically meaning that I can get a pretty good price on those with mount/balance, etc.

Personally, I've got a contact for the tires. And with the aftermarket companies that are already coming in with replicas for the ZL1 rims (just as with anything else), I have a good feeling prices are going to drop a tad for the rims. I'm not saying what people are asking isn't reasonable. Just saying that I'm more interested in the rims at this point.
Replica's are heavy, not the same rotary forged wheels and it depends on how long you want to wait for them to become cheaper, as I doubt they will be getting much cheaper through you only have people who buy the cars equiped with them. If they don't sell for what I am asking, will keep them and use up the tires...then put some 100 treadwear race tires on them to abuse on the track...
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