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Gotta say I initially was happy there would be a blue Camaro again. However after seeing the Corvette painted in the "Dusk Blue" color at C5F III I'm underwhelmed. Kept looking over at the very dark colored Corvette convertible and wondered why it was there. Was more than a bit surprised when I saw the sign on the windshield. In anything other than the most direct bright sushine at just the right angle I'd never look at this car and think "Blue" IMO. Just kind of drab. Was pretty taken back at the package price as well. I have to wonder how having the vendor make one addition bumper cover color plus them using a paint color they may already use in the plant, loading some yellow thread and stitching up the mojave leather instead of black, and painting wheels a different color would cost six grand more. I guess there are just some things about the automotive industry that I don't fully understand.
My practical side tells me that 3, 5 whatever years down the road when that Camaro is sitting on the used car lot right next to other non-dusk Camaros with the same/similar option content, somebody is going to be eating about six grand. I'd rather it not be me. Sorry Chevy, just how I see it.

Edit: OK well I did not realize that that the RS and ground effects were included so that's my fault, but I still don't think it's going to sell for thousands over the other used Camaros once it's on the used car lot.

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