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I know the shipping can be a little extreme. But they do show what the dealer list prices are and I was just looking at the comparison of list prices for each style wheel and made the observations noted in my original post. I just found it interesting that GM lists the optional upcharge wheel option as costing less per wheel than the standard wheel.

Originally Posted by mmarx82 View Post
The black wheels are harder to get, there is a higher demand for them. I had one replaced on my ZL1 today and there was only 2 places across the whole US that even had any.
I disagree with your theory on the price differences for this. I'm sure GM set the list prices well before there was any perceived demand for one over the other. If GM adjusted prices of their parts based on demand then you would always see the list prices changing with demand. But I'll bet those list prices stay the same for at least the rest of this year until GM revises their annual published pricing list.

I think the black wheels probably do cost GM more because they have to be put through a painting and painting prep process. The bright aluminum wheels are probably mostly just cast finish with the faces of the spokes smoothed out and then they probably just clear coat the wheels.
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