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Originally Posted by Kdogg View Post
My thoughts are that the ZL1 should have carried the Z28 badge. More people know the Z28 name than the ZL1.

[Comment From Ironhead Ironhead: ]
just logged on, am I reading this correctly? ZL1 is what all who have been waiting for the arrival of the Z28 is called ZL1? or will there be another model called Z28

John Fitz - Camaro Marketing Mgr:
Ironhead... We continue to work on evolving Camaro. Regarding Z28, all I can say is stay tuned...

[Comment From Tyler Tyler: ]
Was Z28 ever considered as the name or was it ZL1 from the get go?

John Fitz - Camaro Marketing Mgr:
Tyler... We considered all kinds of names for this beast -- but ZL1 rose to the top as the best fit
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