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Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
At this point in time that's the only thing that makes since.

The SS is 400+
ZL1 is 500+
Tuner cars are 6,7,8
Then there is the copo also

Really can't see them making another v8 model. What would be special about it that would make anyone choose it over the existing options? It can't be just looks as those won't stray too far from what exist now and they definately won't make it look better than the ZL1.

But twin turbos on a 6 pushing 400+ and decent gas milage will peak the interest of a lot of people. Obviously not the people who focus on cylinder count.
It only makes sense from the perspective that turbo and supercharged V6's are likely going to make it into more pedestrian GM models, and there is great cost savings by sharing common motors and architecture. I could see GM phasing out V8's in future generations especially as the truck market starts adopting smaller forced-induction motors (read: Success of the turbo V6 Ford F150). But I think that transition is at least into the 6th generation or maybe even 7th generation Camaro--if GM continues to produce the car. That's always an 'IF'.

Besides cylinder count and sound, pushrod V8's are beautifully simple and easy to maintain, which makes them a great option in these cars. You can get power and speed...I can't imagine they cost MORE to manufacture than a forced induction 6, so it helps keep the cost of the vehicle relatively low.

But before we see ANY of this happen, first we need to watch the evolution of the SIDI 3.6 motor and also see what's in store for the new generation of LS motors.
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