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Figured out the issue, it had nothing to do with the Eaton...sorry for the rash comment, was really upset but I am now! It was an axle issue, but its fixed now!

Breaking in the rear end right now, have about 15 miles on it and play to put a bunch more on later tonight...

The low toned clunk is still there and a little amplified, but I think it was because I changed to polyurethane bushings more than it is the rear end...there is NO gear whine or noise coming from it at all!

I will keep everyone updated, but so far so good! I am scared to launch it for a while tho, because the last few times I launched it I broke something! Axle, spider gears grenaded, etc...Hopefully this set up can handle me until I upgrade to a much bigger/better rear end.

Thank you to Alternative Auto for getting me all back together in time for the Woodward Dream Cruise!
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