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Originally Posted by zebra View Post

i understand why you want separate reservoirs & the whole clutch dust in the fluid & all...
but you're telling me that y'all's cars have a combined clutch & brake reservoir?!
that just seems like a ridiculous lack of engineering right there

and for mine, i have a big kitchen syringe with the tip of the needle cut off flat i'm guessing y'all typically just do the ranger method do clean your fluid?
Yeah.. GM saved... what.. about $1.00 in their build cost combining the reservoirs? Or.. they wanted to make more money selling reservoirs over the parts counter...

most do the ranger method.

I pity the people who havn't seperated the reservoir's and drive their cars normal.. not knowing that that crap is gonna get into everything Clutch and brake, at some time. That's gonna be an expensive fix if you left it for a few years of normal driving and didn't know about it..

Some, like me added the Tick Performance SS bleed line. I can flush the clutch fluid in under 5 minutes through the entire system, not just the reservoir. I do it after every race.

I already replaced the fluid from the Camaro fest.. and have my ABS working again now, too.
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