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Originally Posted by WillInThe04Ranger View Post
Very sexy car!!! did anyone notice the front of one sitting in the lot when the blk one rolled out?? (its on the right)
Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
HOLY *&^&*!!!! That just gave me freakin' goosbumps! And the song, c'mon fitting was that!

And, btw, was it just me, or did anyone else notice the SECOND black Camaro parked next to the one that pulled out???
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Originally Posted by swazworth View Post
damn... i thought i was paying attention with the 45mph sign. good call Tag i saw the 2nd one when i rewatched it again.
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Originally Posted by 09'Z28 View Post
i knew something seemed odd about that first part and it was the second one, good catch tag, it's kinda cool how the one we watch just like comes out of nowhere and in the end of the video it leaves to
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