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The stock tire size on the 1LE is suppose to be 285/35R20. There is no Motivo tire in that size and in fact I can't find anything except the goodyears in that size. looks like the 275/35R20 Motivo should be a adequate replacement? I am far from being a tire expert, so can someone with tire knowledge give me their input?

The goodyears that will come stock have an overall diameter of 27.9
with a width of 11.4. Those numbers are pretty much dead on with the
Motivo's and you would expect those numbers out of a 285/35R20 tires instead of a 275/35R20.

Overall diameter on the Motivo: 27.87
The overall width: 11.38

Compare that to the Invo's that also come in 275/35R20

Invo Overall Diameter: 27.6
Overall Width: 10.67

That seems more what I would expect out of a 275/35R20 tire.

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