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Originally Posted by 35th02ss View Post
Get your car outta my
Dude!! I want it done!
When I talked to Rick today, he said the stripes and tail should be done. He also said the pin stripe should be going on Wednesday. He picked out Wave Blue Metallic for the pin. I stopped by the Pontiac body shop today and took a look. Dayum does it look good! Hope it's done tomorrow.

What plans do you have on stripes for yours? I know Tom said he had like 4 or 5 more in line and yours was next.
Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
How about 'printscreen' [prtsc] then edit and save with your favorite photo software?
Hrm...I would try. Let me see...
Originally Posted by Iroczlover View Post
I still say wheres the pics of Tom Stump jumping your car lol.
KNOCK THAT SH!T OFF! There will be NO stump jumping in my SS!!!

Save that for Tom and his Z06's tearing @ss outta his lot!!!
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