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Originally Posted by LadiesMan217 View Post
(Hehe, are you sure it's a 6m?) Another BEST car got's a Silver Ice Metallic one.

3 cars from Best have been is mine, the silver one, and an RJT one. That RJT is an automatic so it's obviously not yours (unless they got that mixed up too). Maybe not all of the invoiced cars are showing up.

No stripes? I think you made the right choice because RJT and CGM look better without stripes IMO.

Sounds like a pretty slick ride. I hope it comes in this week for ya. (and I hope mine is right there alongside it!)

Did you get black interior? Black with CGM is the way to go...but beige with RJT.
ya it ended up being black interior. i dont like the beige i dunno why. what ever it was the dealer printed out for me it said it was 6m. i dont think all of them are showing. nah no stripes i agree with you too, those 2 colors do look better with out i think. thanks im hoping tommorw should be the big day. i hope urs comes with it to that would be pretty sweet.
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