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Originally Posted by TrekGTO View Post
I had a customer come back from Jacksonville for a Super Chiller issue and found it was the new wiring update with the Diode so I don’t think any one should continue to use it or install it. It worked fine during testing but once he got some miles on it ICWT started acting crazy!

The only solution I have is to stay or go back to original wiring setup or add a second Vacuum Solenoid under hood under the existing one. I was trying to stay away from adding a second solenoid and keep it clean. If anyone is determined to have this setup, mostly intended for mi racing PM me and I will hook you up.
Thank You,
New wiring update, no Diode just use the 5 terminal relay inside car. Everyone that received an update kit you just need 10' of wire and replace the 5th terminal in relay block. Diagram posted to same link. Anyone that needs anything more for update contact me.
Thanks, Dave

Relay fits perfect on the screw that holds AC duct near the LED.

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