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American Racing Headers with ARK DT-S Videos

Here are some videos my wife took of my car. She tried to hold the camera still for the first video, but 2 dogs wanted to explore. It has the following setup:

Cold Air Inductions Inc Intake
RX Ported Throttle Body
MACE Plenum Spacer
RX Black Ice-olator
American Racing Headers with High Flow Cats

Hard Launch and Drive by. I heard the tires breaking loose in my car, but I can't hear it on the video. Traction Control didn't like this.

Cold start and then revving to 4k RPM's (0:38 for the rev's).

If you are interested, here is what my wife's Mustang V6 with a Borla ATAK sounds like during the same weather and with the same camcorder. I put URL short cuts, but its putting the previews up instead.

Hard Launch (our new puppy makes an appearance, you can see her in the Camaro)

Idle and Rev, but she rev'd it up to 6k with her stock tune on an automatic. It actually hurt my ears when she did that.

Would be interesting to see what an ATAK system would sound like on a Camaro.
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