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Originally Posted by OKC08SkyR/L View Post
Why would anyone in their right mind not park a brand new car in the garage? You might as well put up a please steal me sign. I could not sleep at night knowing my car was parked in the driveway.
Some of us live in an urban area where a driveway itself is a luxury...a dirt! Granted he had a garage but the fact he felt safe just this one time cost him. We have all done this before. You are busy unloading the car and before you know it you forgot to lock the car. And then to add insult to injury GM takes the car from him. Did I read that right?! That is what really sucks for him! The loss of the wheels was bad enough...but to have your car taken from you is heartbreaking. All because he has the balls to share his unfortunate story? That just sux...big time.
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