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Originally Posted by xfactors View Post
Question for Sir Nuke. I live in El Paso and am getting a 2013 2LS from Viva Chevrolet in El Paso. They have as a dealer accessory a TomTom XXL 540?S for $260 bucks. I've never owned a TomTom so I really don't know what I'm doing concerning these TomTom's.

The little research I've done on them, it appears I can get a better deal from Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc.

I've ordered my car, and it should arrive mid-Sept to 1st of Oct. Maybe I can save some money getting it some other place than the dealership. What would you advise?

Also, I want to download a voice from the internet for it. It's a voice called "Selina." Here's a link for that voice.

Wondering if you have any suggestions on what model of TomTom I should get that would have lifetime maps, and I would be able to use this voice from Selina? Warning, her voice is a little risque, and I don't mean to offend you, or anyone else here.
I have had numerous different models.....I currently have a XXL 540S and love it.....BUT, the dealer is charging about TWICE what you could get it elsewhere. SO, get one at one of the places you mentioned, or even eBay. If you get one off eBay, just ensure its NEW, in UNOPENED box. The 540S in one of last years models, but there are still a lot out there still in stores, which means you can get them cheaper. And for $140-$150.

Here is a link to the Tom Tom can see all the new models. the very most important thing is if get one that has "Life Time" maps, the XXL 540 series does come with Lifetime Maps. Not ALL of the new models do. IF your are looking at one of the new models, you will want one that has the 5" wide screen like the VIA 1505 or higher. They start at $170. As far as the voices go, there are a TON of free voices that are available....I can say for absolute sure the one you found onj that site..but it is FREE.
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