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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
I dislike it will not play songs that have been gotten from Napster. I have a Creative Zen X-FI and have to use the headphone jack. On USB it see's the songs but will not play them.
With a little computer know how, you can reformat all of those songs so that they can play.

Also, why is nobody mentioning the awesomeness of streaming your songs to the radio? I have a Blackberry and I keep almost 1,000 songs in their at any given time and I just stream them straight to the radio. This way shuffle works all the time because I set it up on my phone, rather than in the car...

As far as the OP's complaints go...

1) It's a one button fix. Don't be lazy, just press shuffle when you get in the car. It honestly takes about a second to do.

2) Bug, no doubt. I'm sure Panasonic will have an update for it soon.
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