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Originally Posted by Neil's BlackZL1 View Post
Anyone else notice noises coming from the actuators on the exhaust?

I have had it in 4 times for the same thing and they replaced the exhaust from the cads all the way back, and it still makes the same noise.

You can hear a mechanical sound when you lightly give it gas and let off. Kind of a buzzing sound like the flaps are opening and closing.

I have an open RO with GM for the same problem.. Not enough vacuum to close them at low RMP's. GM engineer as tried to fix but they havent been able to. They have tried bigger vacuum boxes, it helps but doesnt close them completely. Car has been in the shop for 3 weeks now. Do you have an automatic? GM said it only happens with auto's. Last I heard they were going to order a new complete exhaust system from a 6speed manual to see if that would fix it, from the manifold to exhaust tips.
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