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Originally Posted by cybercoaster View Post
I have been to all the fest and had a blast at this one. However for some reason the 1st stands out as the best. Perhaps it was that it was we didn't know what to expect and had an awesome time. Plus it was the first time I ran the 1/4. Personally I do like it in April the best, the first two fell on my birthday and that made it even more fun. Getting to meet everyone, the parking lot parties, folks from GM walking around, spending money at vendor booths - all worth it. See you in Texas next year (I hope).

1. Wish they carried the tradition of coins like the 1st Fest. I'm so with you on this one but right now we only have plans for coins every five years makes them a little more special so to say.
2. Confusing why each person had to pay spectator while there were two of everything in the bags. Was $25 supposed to get two people in? It was only $20 for spectator, $100 for drivers and that was two day passes. If you all saw the track rental bill your mouths would do this...
3. Would be nice if they had open times on the drag strips for people not wanting to spend $100 to compete and all. I would like to have ran but not just a few times for $100. 100 people drag raced and that was over 600 passes for the weekend.
4. Would also be nice to have registration Thu night at the hotel and get your wrist bands then. Then not have to wait in the morning on Fridays to pay and stuff.We are working on this one for the next fest...

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