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Definitely more buyers coming back. Found a really good 800 damage spear with LoH, life steal, 230 intelligence, 47% crit dmg, and a socket that sold on the RMAH for $60. Gold is about $1 per million right now, so that's not bad. I figured it wouldn't sell so fast. I probably underpriced it a little, but I felt it was a reasonable price for someone who wanted to use it. I don't think it was worth more than $70-80 so I doubt they'd risk $60 to try and resell it for profit.

Geared out my witch doctor for about 10m, got him to 248% MF and retained 40k damage and 27k health. Breezing through Act 2, almost to Belial. The buffs to pets is great. They only die from things like plagued, molten, and fire chains. Other than that, they tank really well.
2015 1SS RS M6
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