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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I'd actually do the 50.00 Friday thing.

I was actually unaware that there would be no open racing on Saturday.

NO biggie for me but I heard some grumblings on day 2. Nobodies fault that it rained though. Next year I'll get all my racing done on day one and hang out on day 2.

I'll still pay the 100.00 if there is no choice but I'd def. be one that paid the 50.00 and raced day one.

I did not know that either. I paid the $100 and only intended on running once or twice. I actually didn't run as it turns out (after seeing all the broken cars 1000 miles from home). But I have no qualms about helping support paying for the track and all. I considered it an $80 donation over the spectator price. (and got a good parking spot near GM)
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