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Originally Posted by Zee-Ell-One View Post
Pull the fuse...Its behind the trunk wall carpet on the right inside the trunk. Theres one black button retainer to pull so you can peel back and expose the fuse box...You will be glad you did especially during breakin. Its really not that much louder between 1000 and 3000rpm's when cruising....sounds way way better.. Before I pulled it I found myself trying to rev past 3000 but not past 4000 just to hear it roar... now I don't have to. I'm convinced it has better pick up now too at the normally closeed RPM range..Win win.. My car is having other issues with leaking coolant and a metal on metal noise eminating from the rear end on decelleration that I will post about later...
I'm sorry you're having issues because I remember you being excited about getting your car.
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