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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
Only 1/4 mile drags at Camaro5 were competition drags? No just racing for fun?

I can gaurantee the majority of Camaro5 members would prefer to just run for fun at a reasonable price.
It was almost ALL just for fun...

Drag Racing was 80 to 90% test and tune... we did put everyone in classes during tech, but just let everyone run all day Friday and called it qualifications whether they wanted to compete or not. Then used those times to rack and stack cars for head to head eliminations on Saturday afternoon. I think car #222 got in about 30 runs or more. We also didn't even call cars up by class until Saturday late morning so majoity of the time they could just come up and run at any time.

I had no input on pricing or payouts this year... just making recomendations for next year.
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