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Originally Posted by NickSS View Post
With your mods you shouldn't have a problem breaking into the 12's without the wedge
I agree. Today there were 4 or 5 LS3 5th gens (that I knew of) running at Atco with LTs, intake, and a tune and all were stuck around 13.1 to 13.40. One freak L99 vert with only an intake and a tune was running 13.0s. Maybe all of us cannot drive. My car was running better than most of them. They had a tune, I had the wedge, ported TB, and the scoop. I was running 13.15 to 13.18 in my three runs.

Could be DA was a factor slowing us down, it was 1492. My best run today converted to: 12.968 @ 111.245 and that was with a 2.246 60 foot. My best run ever converted to 12.875. So assuming I could improve my 60' to 2 flat (doable I hear on stock Pirellis) a 12.7 corrected is within reach. Still, with all my mods including suspension work, I should be faster. I will keep going back and try to improve.

Today I was a little faster than tuned LS3s.

So I am thinking scoop, ported TB, + wedge > tune

IMO scoop + ported TB = extra HP from tune. So my feeling is the wedge was the difference. Most of us were new track drivers, except for one guy who owned a speed shop. His LTed, tuned, LS3 could do no better than 13.3 today.

I think my car was stronger on the top end than the others. I did run 111 once before and I was running 110 today where the others were running 108s. I am leaning towards the Wedge making a difference.

One interesting thing, I ran a brand new 2013 GT500 at the end of the day and he was struggling to get into the 12s. I knew i had a shot of beating him with a picture perfect run. He ran a 12.85 @120. I started in second (Doh!) and missed third gear.

This fourth run was an outlier and happened after everyone else left. So the Wedge was no help here.

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