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Not sure if this was mentioned, but I wanted to give a another tip. I just changed the oil on my 2012 1LT for the first time this past weekend, and this was my process, without using ramps:

1. jack front of car up (see jack point image earlier in this thread for correct jackpoints), put jack stands at proper points
2. take off fill cap & filter. Drain pan. Lube & replace filter while it's draining.
3. set front of car down again, and now jack up the left rear of the car. When I did this, the oil pan continued to drain for a good minute or so, even though it had already stopped when the car was level. This is, in my opinion, the best way to get ALL of the oil out of the car before filling it.
4. set the car down, replace oil pan bolt (you'll probably have to jack the front up again to reach it)
5. set the car down, fill up with 6 QTs of Mobil 1, check for leaks, and voila!
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