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Originally Posted by got adrenalin? View Post
huh .. I just gifted someone money for a article and the exact amount is all paypal deducted from my account?? would the fee be listed somewhere else in my account?
I would refer someone to check out my e-bay rating if they had second thought about doing a transaction with me ... 500+ purchases with a 100% rating =)
I'm not saying you are not telling the truth. Just what has happened to me. I'm glad you did not get charged and I believe you do have a perfect rating. Sorry if that was implied, that was not my intention.

All I'm saying is why would PayPal do a transaction for free? They are a business to make money not give money away for free. Think about it, if you were PayPal would you let a transaction go through out of the kindness of you heart or charge someone for a transaction?

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