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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
man this car is COTW material to the bone ,i love your build and the pics are amazing ,any dyno vids you can post pleassssssse!!
Thank you! I apologize lack of good pictures and videos. I will post some when I have time.

Little update: Car was making 850/901 last night with pump gas and no meth with 14psi of boost and no knock whatsoever. At 7psi power started to nose over
At 6500rpm and with 14psi at 6000. IPS (Tom) thinks it is back pressure problem (only has 2.5" exhaust). We will try to go 3" first and see if it helps.

Other option is lifters, I'm can't remember if I put short travel lifters in it.
Anyways this combo will make big power. Turbos will max out about 23psi. We still have meth and 100 octane to play with before going in to C-16.

IPS 6" intercooler works really good as well.

I can't be happier so far
438cid IPS Twin Turbo.
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