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finally got the car

hello all,
i am wrighting this for my mother she does not know how to add or put pics on so i will do it for her. she recieved her ss2 camaro on tuesday june 2nd 2009 we picked it up around 12:00pm. they was a overcharge on paint and delivary fee. she was told to bad and to pay it. then was told to leave they would refund the money to her that they would sell car to someone else straight rude to her. i told her to pay so we did and i had her leave so i could talk to the man that was an ass to her. with the car gone i told him he sucked every bit of enjoyment from her new car purchase from her and he as a dick he satted he would not sell her the car i told him it was already gone and was too late. there is alot more to the story but making it short for forum. main point is do not purchase from
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VERO BEACH, FL 32960-5767
they do not want your buisness they just want to make money and care nothing about the customer. but she has car and is happy so here are picks.
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