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I'm assuming yours leaked the way mine did. Water management bag drain tubes not seated properly? If so, doubtful there is any air conditioning damage. The water drains to the floorboard between the interior quarterpanel wall adn the exterior. There is a lot of insulation at the bottom there so that's probably completely soaked.

I don't remember if you're going the buy back route, but if you decide to let (I say let, because this should not be on your dime to fix) them fix it, it's painful to go look at.

The carpet is one piece. All seats, console, cushions etc need to come out. I thought about using that opportunity to run better speaker wires but gm bought the car back instead.

Anyway, your question was about AC. Like I said, doubtful. If it leaks where I assume it does, there aren't any ac vents in that space between the interior and external quarterpanel.
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