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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Thanks. I am asking about the AC because the car has had a lot of standing water in it for weeks in extreme heat of the summer. Surely some of those vapors condensed... the smell is unbelievable.
The key is right there.... "the smell is unbelievable".

Water leak cars can easily be fixed if caught before they go funky. Let it sit out in the sun for weeks like these assholes apparently did... and that car is ruined. Been there, done that, it's fuct.

It's not just the AC, it's the entire interior. Smells attach to everything. Hard surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected, anything soft/porous is ruined.

Here is how you can tell if they actually fixed it when all is said and done. When they say the car is fixed, take it out back in the sun and lock it up. Take the keys. Tell them you'll be back in one week to open the car up with the Service Manager and Owner of the dealership standing there as it opens. If after one week closed up in the sun, it smells fine... be on your way and thank them for a great repair. If it smells like a bum's nutsack, those idiots better be starting the paperwork on a new car.

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