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I've had my steering pump go out as well... Didn't do anything specific for it to happen.

At first I thought it was a leak in the fluid, as it kept on throwing the oil into the engine bay. The day before yesterday I called my importer in Germany, and told him I'd bring the car over, as all power steering was gone, even with the fluid level full.

On the way there, the steering wheel felt heavy, only made it 35 miles or so, when the car started making a funny noise, and the engine went into reduced power mode.

Lots of lights coming on, warnings like "engine coolant temp too high", "service battery charging system", "change engine oil soon", and then the engine power reduced one. Coolant and oil temps rocketing sky high within seconds.

I pulled over, and to my surprise the drive belt was simply gone. Still being dark, I let the car cool down, limped to the closest service station, and there I had a closer look. Pulley on the p/s pump is skew, the housing is broken, and it seems to be completely jammed.

Left the car in an Opel dealership in Bitburg. Hopefully they'll fix it today...
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