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Originally Posted by LadiesMan217 View Post
It's off of Rt. 44 down past Taunton.

Hopefully I'll have my car by then (I got the call from Best and I'm price protected and financing is all set.).

They don't know what to do about the rims. Apparently it was switched at the plant...not the dealership (He has a printout of exactly what he put into the system and the Polished rims were not on it). He called and since there were no Midnight Silver rims left, they put the polished on it. They couldn't put the painted one on it because I had already agreed to pay for the Midnight Silver they went to the next level up.

Frankly, I'll take the rims...I liked them and contemplated adding them to my order and just never did. Looks like I was meant to have them
Rlly that's kool I wild think iom wild b sweet with pa. I still didn't here anything on mine yet today
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