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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
I love how all the 1LE guys are crazy about engine mods yet nobody is talking about stripping the car or getting more weight out!

1/2 fuel tank max, low washer fluid, and lots of stuff out of the car = -100-150lbs oh yeah, now we're talkin'.
If a quart of washer fluid is gonna help me pull on a 1000HP GT-R, then I'll worry about it. I'm not on Pinks. This will be my everyday boosted V8. I'll do the BASIC weight reduction mods when I go to the track but otherwise not concerned. I get your point but WITHOUT those "engine mods"...I'd have to cut the entire trunk off of the car and gut the entire car to get into the 11's and STILL might not get there through weight reduction. LOL Bolt ons and a tune is where its at for those of us not concerned with finding those extra .08 on the strip. Disclaimer....I'm no pro but I've put easily 180-200 passes at the strip in my DD's test n tunes and appx 60 passes 12.50 bracket racing. For a DD, those extra few lbs don't mean sh*t to me on the roads. Track IS a little different though and I agree with that
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