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Originally Posted by jonm38 View Post
Anyone know of any good places to donate to Breast Cancer or to American Cancer Society?
My Aunt has gone through breast cancer and had another surgery today, 8 hours of surgery.
My Aunt is doing ok, is alert of where she is at.
I am a Hodgkin Lymphoma Sirvivor since 2004. I am cancer free.
Yes, support The Jimmy Fund at Dana Farber or several other hospitals that will do better with your funds than the ACS, who are incredibly inefficient:

You can go here and pull down to breast cancer:

You could work your way down this list:

Glad to hear you are a survivor, as is my son (September is childhood cancer awareness month, which sadly gets clobbered by the yearly pink wash pushed by these inefficient organizations, who don't pass on anywhere near the amount you may think they do).
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