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I was really understanding until this week. I know errors happen, and I know I'm not a vendor asking them for tens of thousands of dollars worth of business. Besides the little rattle it had, I actually really like the sound, and would've recommended them until this week. It's just the dismissive attitude I've been getting lately, like me wanting to know what's up with my already paid-in-full order is being indignant or something. I don't call 10 times a day, and I've been nothing but polite and diplomatic over the far.

They've been telling me so many different excuses, but the bottom line is that it's taken twice the time they told me it would, they've given me so many promises of when my headers would ship and arrive at my door, and I still don't have what I ordered from them. Part of what's so frustrating is that they're just a couple of boring hours up I-10 from me. If I didn't have productive things to occupy my time with, like work and school, I would just go to Phoenix and get them myself. The idea of waiting this long for something to be shipped from the next town over is getting under my skin in a fierce way.

Mods, feel free to move this thread to wherever it belongs. I was a bit too pissed with my OP to ponder its correct section.

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