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Hello! Out of respect for the forums, I will only post once and then look into vendor sponsorship, or duck out!

I just saw this and wanted to clarify. The price of the Camaro system should be very similar to the Ford and Dodge pricing that is out now. The final price has not been released but I think they were shooting in the ballpark of hopefully 7500 dollars for the system plus installation and tuning.

For those of you who don't know us, we're very big in the EFI world. We do a ton of Mustangs, Shelby GT500s, Lightnings, Cobras and have also started to break into the world of Challengers, Chargers, etc.

We have recently ventured into the GM side with G8 GT, GTO and numerous Z06's both installs and tuning coming through our shop and on our in-house Dynojet 224xLC. We will be very happy to add the 2010 Camaro platform to our supported vehicles!

If anyone has absolutely any questions about the TECHCO line of products for the 2010 Camaro, please feel free to give us a shout and we will update you at any point!

TECHCO's units are modular and very easy to redesign for multiple applications. What does this mean for you? It will not take years for them to get this into production! They are working on the Jeep SRT8 right now, and then they roll out the Camaro/Corvette chargers! They use front FEAD drive's that have absolutely zero belt slip issues! They have supercharger snout braces, and are made of T6061 billet aluminum and 8 rib. Everything that you purchase from TECHCO will be made in house, even the screws! And the whine... oh they whine!!!

We offer full turn-key solutions from start to finish and have the ability to dyno your car when it rolls in the shop, and just before it leaves! This way you can see exactly how much your trip to Tillman Speed Inc. was worth!

Thanks again! And moderators, have no fear... this will be my last post until I find out sponsorship options! Good day!

Chris Rose
Tillman Speed Inc.

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