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Apparently they're still at the powder coaters. I called the powder coaters, Affordable Powder Coating (kinda explains a lot in the name), and they told me they'll have a courier get them to my house tonight or tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. Mike's apologetic, and he calls back real quick once the word "refund" gets tossed around. He says he's going to stop coating headers on orders and let the customer be responsible for it because he doesn't want a 3rd party messing with their business. I think they just need to vet their business partners more thoroughly.

After having first got the car with their cat-back already on it, I was thoroughly impressed, another reason I was quick to return to them for my headers. I did check the Corvette forums and everyone who has their stuff seems to love them. There also aren't many Dodge Vipers in the world, and it seems a fair number of them that have headers, run Billy Boat too. This thread is just my personal experience. As a customer, I can't stand being told I'll be called back, and then the calls don't come. The powder coaters may be the ones most directly responsible for the delays, but what I'm most pissed about is how I was dealt with by Billy Boat. Delays happen, and I try to view them as opportunities to demonstrate customer service.

I wrote a lengthy post recently about a ported intake manifold I ordered from RX Performance. They got through porting a manifold, saw it was cracked and then had to wait for another core to show up to port that one before sending it to me. Whenever I emailed asking about my order, they responded quickly and truthfully. I got the product a week or two later than originally told I would, and I'm still a happy camper. I'll gladly tell people about my experience with them and will recommend their work to anyone who asks. Now with this exhaust, I feel like there will always be the caveat of "yeah, it's a fine exhaust, I just had to go through the ringer to get it"

Luckily the tuner, Nic D, is understanding and is letting me keep my appointment for Saturday morning, even if I have to cancel tomorrow night.
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