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12 week 5,000 mile update

Another thousand miles under our belt. Since my last update I have gotten the oil changed, a TSB done on the weatherstrip poking out on the side at her point where the top and side panel meet. And they replaced my air box that they discovered had one of the locking tabs missing. I have since discovered I have the dash bubbling issue others have had but I am not going to get it fixed until I hear there is a new piece for it that will not happen again.
Yesterday I added a VMax ported throttle body and it really livens up the throttle response. I recommend getting one to anyone with the LFX. I did notice that before the installation my Gas mileage had improved to around 29 on the highway.
No other top issues since last report other than the weather strip deal, we have now cycled the top over 200 times.
Overall we are still very very happy with AngryBird.
Next report at 6,000 miles.

Here are a few of the pics I took last weekend
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