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B&B makes two systems for the Camaro, the Sport and Classic version. I purchased the Classic as the Sport is very aggressive sounding.....nothing average about either version.....some of the best hand made headers you'll ever buy. The tig welds on these headers are some of the best work I've ever seen.

Customer service was average.....nobody knocked my socks off but I didn't feel dissed in any way.....I too dealt with Mike (Boat), Billy's brother. He didn't seem too engaged. When you spend $3500 you'd expect a "hey thanks for buying our product!" but very few vendors understand this concept and I certainly didn't get a thank you from B&B. I have purchased quite a few products during the course of my engine swap and have yet to have any vendor I've dealt give me so much as a "thank you" (with the exception of the robot email). No "personal touch" from any of the vendors. Very odd but I guess times must be very good for all of these vendors.

You got treated like crap and you feel even worse because you "took it". I've been there before too. Take solace in the fact that you have one of the best exhaust systems out there. Only time will tell whether you feel it was worth it. You obviously won't feel that way right now.

I had to upgrade to 2 inch primaries and went with ARH however I still have the B&B cat back and I'm very happy with it.

Good post for everyone here to read however with this kind of service, I fail to understand how you can vent here but not to Billy Boat himself? I think he would like to hear your version as well. He stuck me as a guy who would not be happy to hear this and would do something about it. I saw him chew an employees butt for showing up late while I was waiting in their lobby. Seems like a no nonsense guy.
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