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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
5mph crash standards...according to Scott and camero.

I LOVE IT!!! That's exactly what that picture screams!

I so can't wait till the day I get to pick mine up from the dealer so I can begine to customize it just the way I WANT it. ...nothing outrageous....just little things to make it mine.

**Camaro in back has it's cover removed and appears to be waking up**
**Camaro in front then has it's cover removed**
Camaro in back yawns, "You sleep well?" the Camaro in front.
Camaro in front just woken up says...."Yep."
Camaro in back: "You ready for another day?"
Front: after a brief pause......."Yep."
Back: "I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?"
Front: *grins...........* "Everything."
LOL love these side profile pics. Camaro's got a gangsta grill...
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