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I did tell them the above. I called that next morning, asked for a tracking number, wasn't given one, asked for my money back while telling them why, and had headers 30 hours later.

The car sounds awesome, but I don't see how it's leagues more awesome than any other reputed company would've been. After all, they're just tubes, they're not the internals making the fire (although it is seriously cool to be able to hear the exhaust valves springing away now). And if I don't see at least 420 horses at the wheels with my bolt-ons, manifold forward and headers back, I'll be seriously disappointed; I don't even care that this state has some of the driest, thinnest, hottest, dirtiest air in the nation. I also had to cancel with the tuner again because I had to use about 2-dozen dremel wheels to saw through the stainless reducer on their cat-back, and by the time I had gotten to needing to buy more, hardware stores were long closed, so I couldn't finish the install in the one night I had.

There were also fitment issues. The flange connecting the passenger side header to the mid-pipe was too close to the o2 sensor bung, so I had to saw off the tip of the bolt to be able to torque it down. I also had to take off and reinstall that side about a half-dozen times trying to get all the bolt holes to align with the head as properly as they would. It was still ugly after all that, and I don't dare torque the rearmost bolt down for fear of shearing it. If it ever develops a leak, I'll just use some liquid gasket back there to seal it.

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