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Sorry that it was a bit tricky to get that screen up. You can blame me for that!

There should have been a popup screen (just like AM/FM/XM) after you press the Aux button a couple times. The first would be purely for the analog 1/8" aux jack, second for the first aux device (USB drive, Zune, iPod, Bluetooth device, etc). If you had two devices connected (1 USB and 1 Bluetooth), the other device would come up after the first. The next aux button press would take you back to CD to start the cycle all over again.

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Sweet... That worked, thanks for the help Crowley, I was just expecting some sort of display to come up showing USB so I was being too impatient then cycling from Aux to CD, not waiting for the USB.

Thanks for the help.
I work for GM and I designed the interface for the Camaro USB and Bluetooth audio streaming interface. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about how the USB or Bluetooth works!

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