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Originally Posted by slicktempo View Post
How easy was it to install/put on the headrests? Do they replace the originals, or go over them?
These are the stock headrests, I took off the leather on the headrests, and then I shipped them to get embroidered, and then put them back on. To get the leather off of the headrests, it was a pretty big pain to figure it out but once I had the first one off, the second one took about 1 minute. there are these two plastic bars on the bottom of the headrests, and they pop in/out of this locking mechanism that is on the actual headrest body, but once I had gotten them off the headrest, it was pretty easy to put them back on once they where embroidered. Here is a link to a thread where there are a few pictures and instructions on how to get the actual leather off the headrests. I think the really good/detailed instructions are on the last page
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