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Originally Posted by Georgianne View Post
(Sorry I meant CTS or Ls3)
If the V6 DI is what they were going to be putting out, that would be great! Yes that is what you told me before but now I understand that they are putting in an engine that is not a DI. I would love for it to be the cady DI engine also. So I will not be disapointed in that, if that is what we were getting. My understanding is that they are putting in an engine that will only get 260hp. If my buddy Nate is wrong then I will talk with him on it but he says the base engine will be the CTS without the DI for the first Camaro out. Also, is that a Freudian slip spelling patience with an extra T(patientce) your not trying to get me committed are you?
I have a feeling that you're going to see a DI V6 in the Camaro... and remember, the turbo4 that was talked about as a "possibility" for the Camaro is 260hp, so why would you offer a V6 in a rwd car that is no more powerful than a turbo4 that is in your Cobalt and HHR, which are fwd? logic says that a slightly detuned or dead on crossover of the Caddy DI V6 is more likely than the non-DI V6 that is being offered elsewhere... and I believe it was the Fbodfather himself that once said, "I think alot of people are going to be very happy with the engine choices in the Camaro... especially the V6"

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