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Thanks for all the compliments guys!! I just scheduled an appointment with my shop to stop by tomorrow and take a look where itís at, last I heard they were making space to fit the 4L80E. Once that gets in they have to do a bit of wiring, but once thatís doneÖÖ. ITS DYNO TIME. Iíll take some more pictures of parts and of the car on the lift and I should have them up on C5 sometime tomorrow.

BTW, does anyone have any friends or know of anyone that has done a similar build? I was just curious how much different the car will drive once I get it back. I was running an STS twin turbo kit (550rwhp) before. Obviously itís going to be much more powerful now, but howís the drivability?

Here are a few pics of the exterior....
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Engine Modifications:
TSP 418 w/ 4 in. Stroke Custom cam
Power-gilde transmision
LSA WCCH Ported Heads 1400hp Axle Shafts DSS
FORE Dual pump FIC 2000cc Injectors
Twin Garrett 53s
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