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Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
Where's it fit in the lineup?? Above or below the ZL1?

I'd think below but the 1LE kinda took that spot so I don't know where the thunder could be personally.

Just curious how the public receives it.....
Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
As much as it pain's me to say it... I kind of feel the same way. With the 1LE running so strong at the track is there room for another track star?
Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I see no room for a Z/28 while the 1LE is being offered. After all, they are basically the same thing. Track cars.

Maybe on the 6th Gen but I don't see it happening on the 5th Gen at all.
Originally Posted by Ebbsnflows View Post
Shouldn't it fall in between the SS and the V6 like it did in the 4th gen cars?

Perhaps offering the same motor as the SS, but fewer ammenities?
Dont say that in the Z28 subforum or they will chase with their pitch forks in an angry mob!!! hahahahaha

But I agree with you guys. I just dont see where in the 5th Gen the Z28 fits in. It has to perform better than the 1LE but not as good as the ZL1 bc IIRC the ZL1 is supposed to be the ultimate Camaro.
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