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lscamaro's College Budget Build Thread

Ok, well I had some time today and I decided to go ahead and finally start a build thread for my car.

Backstory: It was 2010 and I was a 17 year old senior in high school when I first laid eyes on a Camaro. I knew from that moment that I would do everything in my power to get one. I never actually thought I would get one but hey, a kid can dream right? Well I had a 2006 Honda Element that I used to take me to and from school and loved the thing. It was very roomy on the interior and wasted very little gas. Regardless of this, I went ahead and asked my mom if she could possibly think about getting me a new car. My mother eventually went to my uncle, who is a car nut. She asked for opinions on cars that were safe, reliable, and got decent gas mileage. My uncle immediately pointed out a Camaro. He had a 1979 Camaro Z28 and he has always loved them. Coincidentally, he also had just bought a new white 2011 Camaro LS. When my mom started considering the car, I started to actually believe it could happen! My uncle eventually asked me what color I would like "if I were to get one." I had seen never seen a CGM in person but when I saw one the day before I was asked, I knew that was the color I wanted. Well on December 28, my uncle got a call from Wommack Chevrolet saying that they had brought in a CGM as he requested and it was there if we wanted to see it. We made the 2 hour drive to San Antonio to see it. The whole ride, I was excited that I might actually get one but I tried to remain as non-excited as I could be in case it didn't work out. After just 3 hours of talking with the dealer, my uncle turned to me and smiled. "It's yours" he said. I had never been so happy in my life! I was actually going to be driving a Camaro! When we finally rolled into Laredo, heads turned left and right since not many people had a Camaro yet. The next day, I immediately woke up and looked out the window to make sure the car was still there and it wasn't just a dream. When I saw it, I fell in love again! I immediately headed to my friends house to show it to him! As you can tell from the pics, he loved it too!

Stock Specs
- Color: Cyber Gray Metallic
- Year: 2011
- Trim: LS
- Engine: LLT
- Transmission: Automatic

Cosmetic Modifications
- Stock Cyber Grey Metallic Spoiler
- LT wheels plasti-dipped black
- Black Camaro Fender Lettering
- RS Headlights
- LED Fog Lights
- Gloss Black "Hash Mark" Stripes
- Painted Front and Rear Bowties
- RS Tail Lights
- DIY CGM Side Markers
- CGM Heritage Grille

Performance Modifications
- Vararam
- Mace 25" Intake Manifold Insulator
- Mace Ported Intake Manifold
- Borla Pro-XS Custom Axle-Back
- Rear-Cat Delete

Interior Modifications
- OEM Leather Steering Wheel
- OEM Leather Shifter
- Red Footwell Lighting
- Custom "Chevy Racing" Embroidery

Suspension Modifications
- Pedders 27mm Front Sway Bar
- 1.3" Front / 1" Rear Pedders Spring Drop
- Pedders Front Z Sway Bar
- Pfadt Trailing Arms
Attached Images

Click Picture for Build Thread

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