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After pretty much dedicating all my spare time to thinking of ideas of how to mod my camaro, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to lower my car. But after seeing a few of the prices for springs and being quoted the labor cost, I realized that it was probably never going to happen :(

Well one day, while browsing through the regional texas forum, I saw a post by JusticePete from Pedders. He was looking for 2 v6 Camaros in the San Antonio area to install his lowering springs as proof that Pedders springs worked on the v6 as well as the v8. Pete and I began to PM and after being told the deal I would get, I jumped on it! I was finally going to get my car lowered... and by arguably one of the best suspension companies for the Camaro! I took off that Friday morning to American Muffler & Brake in Fredericksburg, TX to get my springs installed! It's safe to say I loved the look of the car after. This is probably my single biggest cosmetic mod to date and it definitely alters the look of the car a lot!
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